Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the curviest of all

There is an unnecessary pressure put on women today, in pursuit of the fabled “perfect body”. This phenomenon, has spawned countless problems, eating disorders, self esteem issues, etc.

Some brands recognized these issues and started positive campaigns, trying to make women question the new “states quo”. We all remember Dove’s “Love your body” campaign but they weren’t the only one.

Well, finally we have levi’s stepping in; with their Mirror Mirror campaign this year. Levi’s gave $10,000 to 5 colleges towards women’s benefit. They tried making the point “it’s all about shape not the size.”

Yes! As marketers we want numbers, so here:

Over 3,700 women spend about 30 minutes each, equaling roughly 1850 hours of direct interaction with the brand.

The street team generated over 150,000 impressions cross 10 colleges.

Sales increased by 21% in three months.

Positive Impact + Interaction + Awareness = Success


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