Work History

Professional Experience

Revenue Services Analyst, City of ReginaRegina, SK – Sep‘13 ~ present

Working as an interface between the Assessment and Property Taxation Department and Information Services; responsible for ongoing system utilization and maintenance, upgrade initiatives, assessing divisional needs, identifying service delivery options, documenting systems requirements and assessing, selecting and implementing suitable software and process improvement solutions. Responsible for:

  • Acting as a technical liaison for the business area and external stakeholders.
  • Participating in the analysis of existing workflow processes, develop the required system policy and procedure documentation, and recommending solutions.
  • Leading and spearheading the mobile initiative resulting in efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Currently leading the mobile assessment project. Documenting and re-designing paper based workflow to digital format.
  • Working with cross-functional team (Communications, Legal, IT, Assessment) to create new processes to support mobile initiative from data sharing to accessing data from remote location.
  • Participating in developing, maintaining, updating and testing of other corporate systems reliant on our data.
  • Mentoring and facilitating the business area in the development of technical solutions
  • Successfully managed the bank change process which included updating POS systems, setting up FTP servers, installing OCR markers to all reports and updating all print stationaries to adhere to the new bank standards.
  • Trained 2 new employees
Digital Product Specialist, Leader~PostRegina, SK – Nov‘12 ~ Sep’13

Worked with the Advertising, Marketing and Sales to streamline digital products, while creating and developing new products. Responsibilities:

  • Identified opportunities to improve efficiency and performance
  • Processed and analyzed all customer leads
  • Redesigned and Coordinated mailers/e-blasts for Taste Regina.
  • Produced reports and bulletins in dashboard format by aggregating and synthesizing information from various reports and web analytic tools (comScore, Adobe’s Omniture, Google Analytics and other Mobile Analytic tools)
  • Created and maintained materials to support sales team.
  • Directed powerful redesign and re-release of subsidiary product in a rapid 60-day cycle, increasing renewals by 63%.
  • Created reports and models based on competitive market prices.
  • Trained sales staff with product portfolio knowledge.
  • Collaborated to provide marketing support services.
  • Translated market requirements into product capabilities.
  • Provided post-implementation product support to customers.
  • Assisted in analyzing application and product trends.
Performance Analyst, SaskTelRegina, SK – Jul‘12 ~ Nov’12

Worked with the Tech division on the EPIC project to create KPIs and Metrics to help forecast, highlight business decisions and streamline workflow.

  • Created macro enabled Dashboards
  • Identified opportunities to improve efficiency and performance
  • Analysed data for trends and patterns to identify opportunities forecasting.
  • Measured and reported on key performance indicators using defined criteria.
  • Suggested creative and innovative ways to improve existing reports.
  • Generated planning and scheduling deliverables including preparation of schedules, tracking of actual work against schedules, performing variance analysis studies, and updating of operating reports.
  • Created dashboard for Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
Knowledge Manager, SaskTelRegina, SK – Feb ‘12 – Jul’12

Worked with the knowledge management team to create a highly effective and efficient knowledgebase for the customer support site. Developed overall strategy to generate traction with the customer base and evolve a technical community. Responsible for:

  • Created weekly Keywords search reports to improve the search ability and accessibility of content.
  • Created Self-Serve User guides resulting in call reduction of 20%-30% on those topics.
    • Travel Page – Saving $117K in 76 days
    • Holiday Page – Saving $ 189K in 37 days
  • Created Outage Alert resulting in $400K cost saving in 4 months
  • Analyzed data to detect trends and emerging patterns
  • Created performance reports, establishing KPIs and departmental benchmarks
  • Created a presentation of site performance and achievements shared with all levels of management
  • Forecasted overall company savings
  • Made recommendation to areas of improvement
  • Analyzed knowledgebase effectiveness by observing its usage and evaluated its impact in terms of the organizational benefits
  • Created Excel macro to gather and format weekly performance report, reducing time spent by 70%
Term Project, Soccer FitnessTorontoON, – Jan’11 – Apr‘11

Led a group of six students in creating an E-Marketing plan for the launch of Soccer Fitness’s new training facility.

  • Created detailed marketing strategy by identifying the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and focused target market.
  • Adjusted the marketing mix to better reflect the opening of the new facility.
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the Website through focused Meta descriptions, Tags, creating in & out bound links.
  • Created online presence through multiple social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress)
Junior Account Executive, Interspeed, Dhaka – May’10 – Sep‘10

Worked with a team of seasoned advertising agents and creative design team on outlier brainstorming to create innovative campaign for clients; while remaining within budget, and updating Senior Account Executives and Managers on development.

  • Liaise between the client and other advertising agencies to coordinate advertising campaigns
  • Responsible for updating daily activities to the account manager
  • Responsible for preparing and presenting creative work to clients for modification and approval
  • Handled the tasks of monitoring and supervising the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Served as a link between client and advertising agency by maintaining regular communication
  • Responsible for calculating ROI, forecasting, budgeting, market research and analysis to find strategies to gain larger share of wallet.
Project Coordinator, Interspeed, Dhaka – May’09 – Sep‘09

Led the promotional team on field in the implementation on various advertising campaigns, doing creative problem solving and writing up reports to update managers on campaign success, impact and reach.

  • Maintained consistent communication with every key person in the project
  • Sorted and analysed market reviews and research information, and discussed the results with the supervisor
  • Assisted sales consultants in understanding the sales related administrative tasks
  • Kept all the ad revenue accounts updated and forwarding periodic reports to seniors regarding the same
  • Conducted market research programs and analysing the collected data and information
  • Planned coordination strategies as per the analysed work complexity and discussing them with the higher management
CCTV Operator, York University SecurityToronto ON – May 08 – Nov’11
  • Patrolled a subscribed area, location on an installation to check the status of locks, alarms, fences, gates and barriers
  • Maintain written records of the screened activities, in case of suspicious, illegal or immoral activities, to be submitted in report form
  • Positioned correctly all CCTV cameras in the site for proper recording and assured all areas in the facility is covered.
  • Controlled personnel access by monitoring the identification of individuals entering controlled area
Event Planner/Promoter, Black Light Promotions, Toronto ON – Jan’07 – Dec’10

Led and trained a team of 5 promoters, organized weekly events and promoted concerts and were hired by other promotion companies to work alongside them.

  • Developed marketing materials to organize weekly events resulting in 100+ attendees.
  • Set and managed budgets for all marketing and promotional material with positive ROI.
  • Built client base through successful networking off-line and online through social media tools.
  • Created and maintained relationships with artist management and booking agencies.
  • Designed Flyers, Promotional material and web graphics for events.
Computer Assistant, Library Computing Services (LCS)York University, Toronto ON – Feb’05 – Nov’11

Responsibilities included Database Management, Systems Network, and Security Control. Act as a liaison between LCS and Librarians, relaying and translating technical details to readable information for non-technical staff.

  • Assisted the IT Manager with multiple database migration initiatives.
  • Provided technology and media support services for numerous events hosted by the Library.
  • Installed, repaired, maintained, and upgraded computers; performed maintenance on printers, up keeps for the network.


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